Friday, March 4, 2011

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Introduction to the Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Whilst you have the best products and services on the market, failing to advertise correctly can mean not being able to communicate your benefits to potential consumers. Even when you are utilizing one of the hottest Internet marketing tools available, you’ll run the risk of constantly bombarding your audience with countless promotions and messages that will most likely be ignored. This creates an obstacle when trying to get your message across.
As a result of advertising bombardment, the brain of the consumer has started filtering out the majority of commercial messages. However, there is a platform that can deliver high conversion rates and garner the attention of the majority of consumers. This form of advertising is known as mobile marketing. Mobile advertising uses the superior power of SMS text messages to reach highly targeted clients in every business. Companies that are using this form of mobile advertising currently are experiencing significant growth with their products and services because of the direct nature of this newer environment.
A good comparison is to use the normal 10% open rate of traditional e-mail advertising. With mobile marketing text messages, it is not uncommon to experience 90% open rates regularly. In many cases these rates can occur in the space of a few hours. Getting your message out is one thing, but to get your message out to the exact demographic that will buy and user services is the difference between good companies and companies that change cultures. Mobile advertising is also the one medium that can reach clients while they are on the move. With mobile marketing, you can frequently announce product news, update your fan base, and communicate as often as you wish with greater efficiency.
Being a mobile pioneer means getting in before everyone else does. At this time there are big companies who have taken advantage of mobile advertising and been the only company in their industry to do so. Suffice to say that many of these companies, such as Pepsi, Costco, and Toyota, have made exponential improvements to their bottom line simply by utilizing the power of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is currently where Internet advertising was in the early 2000′s.
If you have been curious about the kind of potential that is possible with text messaging and cellular advertising then keep in mind that there are over 300 million cellular subscribers in the United States alone. Upwards of 90% of them keep their mobile phones within a few feet of themselves for the duration of the day. Additionally, you can reach more than two times as many customers with mobile methods as you can with traditional Internet advertising.
Jim Heleringer